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cute watercolor dog print
  • Happy Lady Watercolor Art Print

    *This is a print reproduction of the watercolor painting, Happy Lady. Your physical art print will not have watermarks.*


    Discover the charming sweetness of Happy Lady—a cute watercolor art print showcasing a cute Pitbull dog doing what they do!


    Become captivated with the soft brush strokes and simplistic design of this simple (yet elegant) art masterpiece. The watercolor Pitbull captures the essence of the breed's playfulness and brings their trademark sweet personality to life on paper. This unique watercolor painting features a fun, playful dog modeled after my own precious Pittie, Lady, with modern line art design as my inspiration. Using shades of red and black only, the colors pop surprisingly well on this simple design and make the cute Pitbull dog really shine!


    The Happy Lady art print is available in 9 x 12 inches only, but is a great addition to any space. It also pairs with the Dalmatian Rain or Dalmatian Fun watercolor prints, making a super cute addition to your modern line art collection. So, whether you frame it for yourself or gift this watercolor masterpiece design to someone, it's sure to make a fun statement!

    • This watercolor art print comes unframed and in one (1) size: 9 x 12 inches. 

      All watercolor art prints are produced on on high-quality paper to ensure durability and that the pieces will stand the test of time. Every unique art print bears the same signature of the original masterpiece to provide authenticity and value to the piece.

    • All watercolor prints are delivered unframed and wrapped. If you choose to frame this art print, it's recommended to use a glassless frame or a beveled frame with a mat board so the print will not be directly against the glass. Artwork pressed against glass for extended periods of time can cause the printed pigments to stick to the glass, the paper to warp, or other quality problems.

      To clean your watercolor art print, lightly wipe the surface with a dry dust cloth or microfiber towel. 


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