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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between an "original" and a "print"?
    "Original" art work is the actual painting, design, or creation that was initially made. These are typically painted on higher quality paper or canvas, with higher quality pigments. A "print" is the reproduction of an original piece, so that it's design can be enjoyed by all who want it! These are usually printed on heavyweight. quality paper with pigment based inks for longevity and durability. There can only be one original for each hand-designed piece, as something can only be hand-created once. Every hand-design is considered a new original!
  • What is the best way to frame my new artwork?
    As with most hand-painted art pieces, you want to avoid putting another surface (like glass) directly against the pigment. So, the best framing options are either glass-less frames, beveled (or mat board) frames, or shadow-box frames. Before framing any art work, make sure to carefully dust it off with a dry, soft cloth and avoid getting it wet!
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