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watercolor lighthouse painting at sunset
  • Original Watercolor Sunset Lighthouse

    *This is the original production of the Sunset Lighthouse watercolor canvas painting. Watermarks do not appear on actual painting.*


    Love the Seaside Lighthouse design but wish it had cozier colors? Then Sunset Lighthouse is for you!


    Immerse yourself in the tranquil allure of a beautiful seaside sunset with the original watercolor Sunset Lighthouse design. This exquisite piece of art effortlessly merges the captivating essence of a lighthouse against the backdrop of a serene sunset with the authenticity of original watercolor art, resulting in a unique masterpiece that's bound to captivate art enthusiasts.


    This serene watercolor lighthouse painting captures the serene beauty of a fading sun casting its warm, golden hues upon the sea. The delicate brush strokes and soft colors create a mesmerizing dance of light and shadow, evoking a sense of serenity and peace. This stunning watercolor painting features a red and blue lighthouse on a cliff with a beautiful sunset in the background, and captures the beauty of the seaside in an elegant way. Painted using watercolor pencils on a 9 x 12 in. heavy-weight watercolor canvas, Sunset Lighthouse is a lot heavier than its airy counterpart, but is equally majestic and just as long-lasting.


    Transports yourself to a mesmerizing rocky sea clif, allowing you to relive the beauty of coastal evenings from the comfort of your own home. Whether you're an art collector or simply someone who appreciates the charm of coastal beauty, the original watercolor Sunset Lighthouse offers an unparalleled glimpse into the world of watercolor art and originality. Add a touch of coastal elegance to your interior with this one-of-a-kind design that bridges the gap between visual magnificence and the authenticity of original art. 


    Whether you love the sea, love the beauty of nature, or simply love art, Sunset Lighthouse is the perfect addition to anyone's collection!

    • This one-of-a-kind painting was created using watercolor pigments on high-quality, acid-free, watercolor canvas board.

      This original art piece is sized 9 x 12 inches and is delivered unframed.

      The specific canvas used ensures durability and that this unique piece will weather any storm! This original art masterpiece bears the actual signature of Alexis to support authenticity and value to the piece.

    • All original watercolor art pieces are unframed and delivered wrapped. If you choose to frame your piece, it's recommended to use a glassless frame or a beveled frame with a mat board so the pigments will not be directly against the glass. Original artwork pressed against glass for extended periods of time can cause the pigments to stick to the glass, the paper to warp, or other quality problems.

      To clean your original watercolor lighhouse painting, lightly wipe the surface with a dry dust cloth or microfiber towel.


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