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unique mushroom forest puzzle broken up
  • Mushroom Forest Puzzle 500 Pc.

    Experience the enchantment of the whimisical Mushroom Forest in a 500-piece puzzle!


    Dive into a world of vibrant colors and intricate details as you piece together this exquisite art puzzle. The magical mushroom forest scene captures the essence and whimsical charm of a woodland wonderland, immersing you in the magic of rustic aesthetics. Experience the joy that puzzles bring with a unique design that's as distinctive as it is captivating. The Mushroom Forest 500-piece puzzle seamlessly combines the allure of one-of-a-kind art with the simple happiness of solving a puzzle.


    Get the hand-painted Mushroom Forest art design in a 500 piece puzzle and pass the time getting lost in the tall blades of grass and bold spring flowers!


    • Unique art puzzle featuring hand-painted Mushroom Forest design.
    • High-quality pre-cut chipboard backing.
    • 500 pieces.
    • Packaged in a square paper-box with reference design. 
    • Horizontal orientation.
    • Glossy, laminated finish.
    • All art gifts feature unique and original artwork designs. Depending on the type of gift, the design may be slightly different than the original or print versions to ensure proper formatting and high quality.

      The hand-painted custom art puzzles are processed and shipped via a vendor for sustainability reasons. However, all questions or concerns regarding your order can be sent to Design by Alexis! 

      Every art puzzle is made of high-quality, pre-cut chipboard with the unique artwork design featured on one side and packaged in a sturdy box for safe keeping!


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