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Hand-crafted elegance stained glass art painting
  • Mini Stained Glass Roses

    Add a glimmer of fantasy to your space with the captivating beauty of stained glass roses—a mini work of art that brings the timeless allure of stained glass to your home decor!


    This exquisite mini glass frame, painted with a delicate stained glass rose design, embodies the elegance of traditional stained glass craftsmanship. Each detailed line painted on the glass is a masterpiece, intricately creating petal upon petal to capture the intricate details of a blooming rose. The soft, opaqueness of the colors behind the glass serve to convey the luminosity of stained glass windows, creating an eye-catching focal point in any room.


    This mini stained glass art frame adds a touch of classic serenity to any space. Its compact size makes it perfect for displaying on shelves, mantels, desks, or any small nook that deserves a touch of beauty. Crafted with care, this hand-painted piece of art is a testament to the power of artistry. Its intricate design makes it a conversation starter and a unique expression of your artistic taste. Whether you're an art enthusiast or simply appreciate the finer things in life, this glass artwork invites you to admire the intricate artistry of stained glass in a miniature, captivating form.


    Indulge in the allure of stained glass art with the mini roses stained glass art frame and bring home a small piece of elegance. Add this stunning piece of art to your collection today!

    • This is a mini glass picture frame painted with high-quality acrylic and water-based paints to look like stained glass roses. The frame has a gold, metal trim with a gold, metal stand for diplaying. The artwork is hand-painted on the inside of the glass for longevity.

      This handmade artwork will be delivered wrapped for safety.

    • This hand-painted mini stained glass art frame is delicate and will be delivered wrapped. The artwork is painted on the inside of the glass, so both the front and back of the frame are safe to be cleaned with regular glass cleaner. It is recommended to use a microfiber cloth to clean this piece of art, otherwise the glass can become cloudy etc., dulling this exquisite art.


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