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hand-painted watercolor foliage art for digital screensaver
  • Watercolor Green Botanical Digital Wallpaper

    *This is a digital art print of the Botanicals leaf pattern in green, and is delivered as a .png via email. Watermarks will not appear on the actual file.*


    Transform your digital devices into a fresh tropical oasis with the Green Botanical digital watercolor wallpaper—a unique blend of exquisite watercolor art and the convenience of a digital wallpaper crafted for your mobile device.


    Immerse yourself in the lush greens and soft blends of this exquisite digital art screensaver. The watercolor art captures the essence of natural tranquility, transforming your mobile screens into a botanical sanctuary that refreshes your everyday life. More than just an art screensaver, the Green Botanicals digital wallpaper is a visual journey into the simple beauty of patterns, expertly crafted for your mobile lifestyle. Whether you're spicing up your cell phone, tablet, or laptop with a touch of artistic charm, this digital watercolor wallpaper captures the vibrancy and lushness of the jungle foliage, adding the right amount of color and fun to any background. Experience the joy of owning a digital wallpaper that's as distinctive as it is captivating.


    Download now and transform your mobile device into a gallery of natural splendor, allowing the essence of lush greenery to accompany you wherever you go!

    • This unique design was digitally created using the "negative painting" watercolor technique. This is reflected in the .png digitalized print, making it look like a true work of art is directly on your screen!

      Reminder: This green watercolor design is delivered digitally via email.

    • This digital art print will be delivered as a .png file to ensure high-quality resolution. This will also allow you to resize it to whatever specs you need for whatever purpose you choose.

      You will receive a link to download your digital watercolor design in the thank you page of the checkout process, along with an emailed link delivered to the email address provided that will last for 30 days. Because of this, there are no returns or refunds allowed with this product.


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