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Timeless art masterpiece with a fruit bowl illustration
  • Classic Fruit Bowl Art Print

    *This is a print reproduction of the original Fruit Bowl acrylic painting. The watermarks will not appear on the actual print.* 


    Get one of the first-ever creations from Design by Alexis! This classic Fruit Bowl art print is the perfect blend of classic acrylic painting and the timeless motif of still-life fruit. Immerse yourself in the exquisite details and wonderfully blended colors of this art print. The Fruit Bowl painting captures the simple elegance of a well-arranged composition, bringing a touch of serenity to your space.


    This isn't just an art print; it's a visual journey into the heart of classic still-life art. The classic Fruit Bowl art print stands as a testament to the power of the saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Fruit Bowl is an acrylic painting designed in the classic art style found in the early renaissance era, and features a mixed fruit bowl holding a pear, orange, apple, grapes, and bananas. The yellowish cream background is reminiscent of Carvaggio's bowls themselves, and truly does justice to the word "art".


    Add the juicy Fruit Bowl art print to your collection and bring a little bit of traditional art back into your life!

    • This acrylic still-life art print comes in three (3) different sizes (unframed):

      • 5x7 inches
      • 7x9 inches
      • 8x11 inches

      All art prints are produced on on high-quality paper to ensure durability and that the pieces will stand the test of time. Every art print bears the same signature of the original masterpiece to provide authenticity and value to the piece.

    • All art prints are unframed and delivered wrapped. If you choose to frame this print, it's recommended to use a glassless frame or a beveled frame with a mat board so the print will not be directly against the glass. Artwork pressed against glass for extended periods of time can cause the printed pigments to stick to the glass, the paper to warp, or other quality problems.

      To clean your Fruit Bowl art print, lightly wipe the surface with a dry dust cloth or microfiber towel. 


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