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Creative kids puzzle with watercolor ABC design
  • ABC Watercolor Art Kid's Puzzle

    Discover the magic of learning through play with the ABC watercolor art puzzle for kids!


    This magical blend of unique children's puzzle and artistic expression is the perfect piece of educational fun to help your child learn, develop, and grow. Dive into a world of vibrant colors and fun objects as your child assembles this engaging puzzle. The ABC art showcases the alphabet with whimsical watercolor illustrations with each letter, to transform learning into an interactive adventure that sparks creativity and curiosity. From a cute watercolor Dalmatian (is that my Ford?) to a yummy ice cream cone to a whimisical ukelele, this hand-painted watercolor art puzzle will help your kids learn their ABCs, one piece at a time.


    This isn't just a puzzle; it's a visual journey into the world of letters and imagination, ingeniously crafted for young minds. Whether your child is exploring letters for the first time or enhancing their vocabulary skills, the ABC watercolor kid's puzzle stands as a testament to the power of play when it comes to inspiring young learners. Let your child experience the joy that comes from completing a puzzle and watch their creativity flourish. This unique art design is something you can't find anywhere else, and makes the perfect holiday or birthday gift for your kids, grandkids, neices and nephews, or even for that one kid the class who's birthday party you have to go to but have no idea what to get them... (you know the one).


    Get this one-of-a-kind watercolor ABC watercolor puzzle for kids today!


    • Features a hand-painted ABC watercolor art design.
    • 30 pieces made of laminated chipboard (14" x 11").
    • Comes in a box with a reference photo on cover.
    • Large pieces perfect for children.
    • Fun educational concept for interactive learning.
    • All gifts feature unique and original artwork designs. Depending on the type of art gift, the design of each item may be slightly different to ensure proper formatting and high quality.

      The hand-painted custom art puzzles are processed and shipped via a vendor for sustainability reasons. However, all questions or concerns regarding your order can be sent to Design by Alexis! 

      Every art puzzle is made of high-quality, pre-cut chipboard with the watercolor artwork design featured on one side and packaged in a sturdy, reusable box for safe keeping!

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