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Handmade dog sticker on laptop with golden retriever design
  • Cute Dog Sticker – Golden Retriever

    *Each order comes in multiples of three (3) stickers. The watermarks will not appear on the actual stickers.*


    Unleash a flurry of cuteness into your world with adorable Golden Retriever stickers!


    Goldens are one of the sweetest dogs around—who doesn't love their charming faces and fluffy butts? With those gentle Golden Retriever eyes and their mountains of fluff, all the things that make Goldens so amazing are captured in this adorable sticker. Like a playful Golden Retriever, this sticker wants to be everywhere you go... Laptop? Check. Notebook? Check. Water bottle? Check. 


    Show off your love for Goldens to the world with these cute dog stickers, and share the magic of wagging tails and slobbery kisses!


    • Designed with a unique hand-drawn Golden Retriever.
    • Two (2) inch vinyl sticker with 3M glue backing.
    • For indoor use (not waterproof).
    • Comes in sets of three (3) stickers.
    • All gifts feature unique and original artwork designs. Depending on the type of gift, the design may be slightly different than its original or print versions, to ensure proper formatting and high quality.

      These unique stickers are processed and shipped via a vendor for sustainability reasons. However, all questions or concerns regarding your order can be sent to Design by Alexis! 

      Each hand-designed sticker is roughly 2 x 2 inches, die-cut to the shape of the dog.


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