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handmade cute cactus magnets
  • Cute Cactus Painted Magnet

    *Because each art magnet is hand-painted, some variation between design is possible. No two painted magnets are the exact same, but that's what makes them so unique!*


    Add a burst of cheer your everyday life with the cute, hand-painted Cactus art magnet!


    This unique, painted magnet doubles as a stunning canvas and features a cute potted cactus against a fun background. With bold and vibrant hues, every stroke captures the peaceful serenity of a simple succulent. Handmade with love, this painted magnet is more than your average paperweight. It's a hand-painted delight, a cute, teeny canvas that allows you to spread your love of succulents to yet another room in your house!


    Don't be fooled by its size; it's a powerful magnet that can hold up any task you give it, all while bringing a touch of artistic flair to wherever you choose to hang it. Designed for both function and beauty, this one-of-a-kind painted magnet is a fantastic gift for art lovers or anyone with an eye for unique decor.


    Let the cute Cactus painted magnet add a little joy to your life!

    • All art gifts feature unique and original artwork designs. Depending on the type of gift, the design may be slightly different than the original or print version to ensure proper formatting and high quality.

      The unique art magnets are all hand-painted with premium acrylic paint pigments in house, so any questions or concerns regarding your order can be sent to Design by Alexis! 

      Every hand-painted magnet is made of high-quality canvas featuring a one-of-a-kind design on one side and a strong magnetic strip on the other. These magnets made with a sealed canvas, but it is not recommended to get them wet as the acrylic paint pigments can still run.


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