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alexis with her two muses, lady and ford

Alexis with her two muses, Lady & ford


As a little girl, I was always drawn (no pun intended, ha) to various types of arts & crafts. But I have also always struggled with my insecurities and I have never been patient... so, I didn't actually take the time to develop my skills until many years later. And I'm so glad I did!

Art—specifically painting—has become more than just a talent for me. It's helped me learn to see everything has beauty (sorry for the cliché) and to accept things as they are, not as I want them to be... Art has taught me that mistakes are not the "end", but rather a new way. That you don't need to have a reason to create something fun, or wild, or beautiful, or intense... You just need to create.

"Design by Alexis" is not just the result of creativity years in the making, but also the manifestation of my new sense of self. Creating and sharing my designs with you all is something I would never have done before. (Talk about the vulnerability!) Now I'm so excited for everyone to have the chance to share in the beauty that I see every day, rain or shine. So, whatever your mood, I hope you enjoy my designs and fall in love with art.♡

Alexis with her two dogs, Lady and Ford

Want more?

For an inside look at my art creation and design process, check out my instagram!

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